Wednesday, 4 March 2009

St George's Day

I am hearing a lot of stories from many parts of the Country that funding is being withdrawn from St George's Day Celebrations on April 23rd. They argue that it fuels "Right Wing Extremism", utter rubbish, St George is a national hero and a symbol of our National Flag. I don't see any right wing extremists in Ireland who celebrate St Patrick's Day, Nor St Andrew's Day in Scotland or even St David's Day in Wales. Is our Government so ashamed they cannot let us be proud of our country for fear of "insulting others"

Frankly this attitude is one of a weak, pathetic and very confused State. It really is time to throw out the old, and bring in a fresh, new party which will not be afraid to make tough decisions.

UKIP wants St Georges Day to be a National Holiday, it is a National Policy of UKIP.

Go out there and Vote for UKIP on 4th June 2009

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