Wednesday, 27 August 2008

MEP Selection Results

Hello everyone,

Well the results are in and it was a very close battle for third place between myself and Sandra Allison. The results were

Stephen Allison - 109
Gordon Parkin - 64
Sandra Allison - 42
John Tennant - 41
Steve Emmens - 8

Apparently it was a dead heat for third place and just a couple of rejected votes were used to decide the result.
I am of course disappointed, however I am pleased to have been involved and wish the very best of luck to the successful candidates.
I hope to see you all at Party Conference.

Till next time.


Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Great Britain

Hello again,

I am absolutely delighted with the performances of our British Olympians, particularly impressed with the efforts of our cycling team, Wiggins, Hoy and co. This is probably our best performance so far in recent years and long may it continue! Despite our government's lies about the true cost of London 2012, our olympians are making it an event I will look forward to.
Well, its been relatively quiet lately and I'm in the early stages of setting up a UKIP Newcastle Upon Tyne Branch, a great opportunity for UKIP to gain a foothold in Newcastle and if anyone who reads this is living in the area - please send me a message and I would be only too glad to have you on board.
The UK Independence Party has launched its new website, something that was desperately needed. It is a markedly improved website and I believe it will be the beginnings of a new dawn for UKIP - a chance to start again. Well Done!!

Till next time,


Thursday, 7 August 2008

Curry and Beer

Last Saturday I visited Bradford to meet some UKIP supporters there at a Curry and Beer event. The host was Jason Smith - prospective Candidate for Bradford South in the next General Election and also a possible M.E.P candidate in next years Euro Elections. I also met Paul Nuttall (again) our IND/DEM researcher and also I met Wayne Harling of Y.I among David Daniel and the much lauded Jonathan Arnott - who is very likely to be selected as a candidate for next years Euros, an intelligent man.
The event was good for meeting fellow Ukipper's and it was a something that I would do again if I got the opportunity. Mr Smith was an excellent host.
Well, voting is underway for candidate selection, I recieved and sent off my votes, but I'm not telling who I voted for other than myself!!! Don't ask either! Its an exciting time and we find out who is selected on 2nd September, two days before Party Conference. So get voting if you recieve a ballot paper - and please consider me for your 1st preference vote, remember I believe UKIP can win in the North East because I have the drive and my youth can attract the young voters, creating a new voting power.

Till next time,