Thursday, 19 February 2009

The ruling elite

I'm fed up with career politicians!

They don't listen, don't learn, and don't speak to us. They walk around as if there was a halo sitting above their heads and simply believe they are something special.

Today, many of them simply didn't like what they were hearing as an ELECTED Head of State was addressing them in the EU Parliament today. Because they didn't agree with him, they simply rose from their seats, made disgraceful comments towards Klaus, and made for the exit.

What a disgraceful act. Simply proves what I said earlier in this blog.

Only UKIP stayed and applauded the President of the Czech Republic. Only UKIP will stand up for freedom of speech and democracy.

You know what to do on June 4th 2009. Make it UK Independence Day.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Marx the soothsayer!!

"Owners of capital will stimulate working class to buy more and more expensive goods, houses and technology, pushing them to take more and more expensive credits, until their debt becomes unbearable. The unpaid debt will lead to bankruptcy of banks which will have to be nationalized and State will have to take the road which will eventually lead to communism."--- Karl Marx, 1867

A rather disturbing barb from the past, and expressed by none other than the instigator of extreme leftist Communism. New Labour changed the way Britain regulates and runs banks - well now, it looks like a big conspiracy theory and a pretty convincing one at that too!

Big question is, do we want Communism? Do we want to be a Country reminiscent of Mao's China or Lenin and Stalin's Russia?
I know I don't.

Down with New Labour!

Brown Brown Brown, out! out! out! Before this foreboding actually becomes a reality.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Newcastle/Gateshead Branch Launch

Hello everyone,

I can proudly announce that the Launch of the Newcastle/Gateshead Branch of the UK Independence Party will take place on April 15th. for security reasons, I cannot tell you where and at what time. But if you email me from the mail site, I will get back to you with the details.

It is an exciting time indeed, as we look to build momentum towards the EU elections and polling day on 4th June 2009.

If you live in the Newcastle or Gateshead area, and have an interest in UKIP then please get in contact with me - I would be only too happy to have you on board.

till next time.


Friday, 13 February 2009

Geert Wilders and THAT video

I appears that the final flicker of freedom of speech has been stubbed out.

Geert Wilders, a man not many of us in the UK know of, is a man who attempted to come to Britain to show a video that depicted the Muslim faith as a "fascist" organisation. That is one man's opinion, and he wished to express that opinion.

I myself have met Mr Wilders and while his views are far too extreme for me to consider, he was decent and presentable. He had tried to show the very same video in the Strasbourg European Parliament to no avail, Parliament authorities silenced him before he was able to speak. The film was banned from viewing and the gathering press had come to see Mr Wilders gagged and bound by the EU authorities.

It really is a sad day for freedom of speech and of democracy.

I have not seen the video.....yet. But I must confess that despite the opinions of the video, I will watch it with an open mind. The best way really.

I feel ashamed to be a part of the UK as its citizen, our Government thinks nothing of those extremist Muslim clerics such as Abu Hamza et al, and while they live off taxpayers benefits and recieve the protection of our Police Force, one man who possess an opposing view is silenced and banned from our shores.

I believe our Government have got their priorities wrong. Shape up or ship out.

UKIP beleives in freedom of the individual in EVERY sense of the word.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

European 112 day!

What going on at the EU Brussels Institutions today?

Only a large scale demonstration attempting to promote the EU emergency number 112. Surprise surprise, the EU would like to replace our well-known emergency number 999 to its preferred 112.

What a ridiculous idea - totally out of touch with what is going on in the World today. Not only is it pointless and unneccesary, it proves the point that the EU is not a beneficial organisation. Merely a gravy train for beaurocrats. While we are suffering an economic crisis closely turning into a disaster reminiscent of 1929, the EU would like to promote a new emergency number!!!!! Presposterous. While our Government is largely impotent in its ability to help solve the economic situation, thanks to EU regulations, the EU itself isn't even bothering help out at all.

Really, it is time to say enough is enough! Fed up of the EU and its pointless wastefulness?

Phone 112, Ooops sorry, call 999 and inform everyone of the emergency that needs addressing, Britain's withdrawal from the European Union!

Vote UKIP on 4th June 2009 and help get back control of our Country.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Czech's call for second reading of Lisbon

The Lisbon Treaty Referendum was sent for a second reading last week by the Czech Chamber of Deputies. The Communist KSCM party had put forward a Bill for the second reading, and it was successful. So I never thought I'd ever say this, but well done the Communists! (I promise never to say that again!).

If the Czech President is successful in ending the ratification process of the Lisbon Treaty, then it will be a another successful blow to the institutions of the European Union, who will surely begin to doubt whether they should continue with their dream of an EU Superstate.

Along with the No votes in Holland, France, Ireland and a recent No vote on the Euro in Poland, perhaps the Czech's can deal the final crushing blow to the EU and finish them off with a great right hook to its Constitutional Treaty!

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

New Website launch

Well, it seems that johnukip has run its course. It started life as a candidate selection site for the membership of ukip and has developed into a regular news feed, informing you about the ukip view on events in Brussels and in Britain.

The website will be developed at record speed and should be online in the coming week. The new site will be a North East UKIP website incorporating branches, candidates, a forum, videos, regular news feeds, blogs from our candidates, a free monthly e-newsletter which anyone can contribute to and a donations page. The aim of the new site is to incorporate the input of visitors to the site, and help them to feel part of the eurosceptic movement, giving them impetus to help further the cause.

Also, the same time, we are in the process of developing a new Newcastle Upon Tyne Branch of UKIP which should culminate in April and we plan to be a big part of the North East Campaign.

So watch out for the new site and If you send me a message on the contacts page of the current website, I will send you the URL and keep you informed of developments.

Making it happen....NOW! Vote UKIP on June 4th 2009

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Where are the Strikes Striking??

Here is a useful list of the places the strikes are happening.

Strikes Current

BP Grangemouth oil refinery in Scotland
INEOS Grangemouth oil refinery in Scotland
British Energy - Torness
Scottish Power - Longannet power station
Scottish Power - Cockenzie power station
Shell St Fergus - Aberdeenshire.
ExxonMobil's - Mossmoran
Shell - Mossmoran

South Hook Liquified Natural Gas - Milford Haven
Aberthaw power - Barry Island

North East
Wilton near Redcar

North West
Fiddlers Ferry power station near Warrington
Heysham Power Station Lancashire
Stanlow oil refinery Cheshire

East Midlands
Staythorpe in Nottinghamshire

West Midlands

Yorkshire and Humberside
Lindsey oil refinery in North Lincolnshire
Drax Selby

Eastern Region
Coryton oil refinery Essex

South West
Langage, Plymouth

South East
Fawley Refinery hampshire
Marchwood Power Station. Hampshire

The UK Independence Party has issued a statement on this issue, it follows;

"We're about to spend tens of billions of taxpayers money on a stimulus. The Olympics, council houses, maybe the Greens will get their housing insulation, more windmills and so on. But the point of a stimulus is to provide jobs for British workers to do instead of their festering on the dole. But under EU laws we cannot stop foreigners from taking these jobs. Even if we are paying our own tax money to create jobs, we still have to let EU workers apply for and get these jobs. So it will be "British taxes paid to foreign workers."

Who was it who said "No taxation without representation"? Well, it seems no-one listened to the man..... its now "no representation without taxation".

Lets sort this mess out .....NOW!

Mandy and the EU Gravy train

There has been much activity in the UK recently, particularly with the strikes rising in protest to the preferential treatment of foreign workers. This has prompted debate on the phrase coined by Gordon Brown when he became Prime Minister "British Jobs for British workers", the fact is this ain't happening. British people are being treated as second class citizens in favour of foreign workers. The crux of this issue is that Brown's Government can do the square root of bugger all thanks to the EU and the so called 'free movement of citizens' the problem is a serious one and perhaps getting out of the EU has never been a more important debate than now.

Former EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson still gets £78,000 per year for having been a Commissioner and this isn't taking into account a nice big fat pension to boot!

Conflict of interest perhaps? Oooh I don't know, course it is!!

Are we living in a democracy anymore? UKIP wants our democracy back. NOW!