Tuesday, 29 July 2008

North East Rally

Hello Everyone, I hope you have all enjoyed some glorious weather this weekend.

Saturday's first ever North East Counties Rally was a great day, I met my fellow M.E.P Candidates along with some people I have been in contact with for some time now.
The speeches made by Godfrey Bloom, Derek Clark, Greg Beaman, John Whittaker, and Paul Nuttall were all excellent. Each person had a different take on things such as Immigration, the post Democratic Society, Post Office Closures and of course, the Lisbon Treaty. When it came round to my speech, I wasn't nervous at all, I made a 5 minute talk on the merits of choosing myself as the candidate to head the party lists and also made the case for increasing our share of the vote by attracting the young and first time voters.
The day was well attended, better than I'd expected and it bodes well for the future of UKIP in the North East. A special congratulations and big hand goes to Gordon Parkin and the Stockton on Tees Branch for organising a fantastic day and I hope they do more of them to keep the UKIP brand out there.
Well, as far as I know there are no more hustings in the North East Region, and I'd like to wish everyone else around the country the very best of luck in their endeavour to be on the party lists.
I sincerely hope the membership consider me as their choice for top candidate as I would know that I can bring enthusiasm, excitement and hard work for the United Kingdom Independence Party in next years elections. The next date in my diary is the Party Conference, I hope to meet you all there.
If anyone has any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Till next time,


Thursday, 24 July 2008

Creeping up to the big day

No, not a wedding. But the North East Counties Rally, I can't wait. I've got my spech prepared, travel arrangements sorted now I just need to get behind that podium and express my beliefs to the party faithful.
This week has been a bit up and down. Getting to know new people within the party and striking up good links with Young Independence, particularly thier very own Wayne Harling. I would like to congratulate Michael Heaver on his Question time appearance and hope this is the beginning of a new dawn for UKIP.
On the other hand this so called 'Democracy Forum' has been causing a few upsets, regarding the 'activists' within the party. I made some 'home truths' regarding the lack of activists and the forum becoming too much of a 'talking shop' of sheer negativity which cannot be good for morale within the party membership. Either way, It is well known that many do not take the forum seriously and pass it off as sheer 'tittle tattle'. Perhaps these 'armchair politicians' should stop taking themselves so seriously and try to get behind the party for a change - it harks back to the old cliche - 'No-one likes a divided party'. I firmly believe that forums like the one in question could do more harm than good for UKIP.
On a more positive note, a great day is in prospect on saturday and finally some nice Summer weather should accompany some good discussion and progress within the North East Membership of UKIP.

Keep the emails coming everyone!

Till next time,


Monday, 14 July 2008


Since the Launch of my website, I have recieved a large number of positive comments about the website and some of my policies. The site itself has had roughly 200 hits in the last week and I have recieved a lot of mail, all of which I have successfully replied to. So, much kudos to our site developer!
Recently I have been leafleting some CIB literature, which has proved to be a relative success, with some locals voicing their agreement with our stance on Europe. Already we are achieving some common ground in my local area! More importantly, planning is underway for my maiden speech to the Stockton Rally Hustings on 26th July, an event I am looking forward to more as the date gets nearer. If you want to know more about the Rally on 26th July, there is some useful information on my events page on the main website, please do try to make the Rally, a great day is in prospect!

Till' next week,


Saturday, 5 July 2008

New Website

I am pleased to announce the launch of my personal website in July 2008. The purpose of this site is for the benefit of the membership of the UK Independence party when selecting their preference candidates for the 2009 European Elections.
This blog will be updated weekly, with stories about my experiences as a member of the party and events I have organised or attended.
There will be regular hustings meetings around the North East, where you can hear me speak and you can make your mind up about me as a possible first preference candidate.
I will be attending the Party Conference in September, hope to meet you there.

John Tennant.