Monday, 14 July 2008


Since the Launch of my website, I have recieved a large number of positive comments about the website and some of my policies. The site itself has had roughly 200 hits in the last week and I have recieved a lot of mail, all of which I have successfully replied to. So, much kudos to our site developer!
Recently I have been leafleting some CIB literature, which has proved to be a relative success, with some locals voicing their agreement with our stance on Europe. Already we are achieving some common ground in my local area! More importantly, planning is underway for my maiden speech to the Stockton Rally Hustings on 26th July, an event I am looking forward to more as the date gets nearer. If you want to know more about the Rally on 26th July, there is some useful information on my events page on the main website, please do try to make the Rally, a great day is in prospect!

Till' next week,


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