Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Mandy and the EU Gravy train

There has been much activity in the UK recently, particularly with the strikes rising in protest to the preferential treatment of foreign workers. This has prompted debate on the phrase coined by Gordon Brown when he became Prime Minister "British Jobs for British workers", the fact is this ain't happening. British people are being treated as second class citizens in favour of foreign workers. The crux of this issue is that Brown's Government can do the square root of bugger all thanks to the EU and the so called 'free movement of citizens' the problem is a serious one and perhaps getting out of the EU has never been a more important debate than now.

Former EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson still gets £78,000 per year for having been a Commissioner and this isn't taking into account a nice big fat pension to boot!

Conflict of interest perhaps? Oooh I don't know, course it is!!

Are we living in a democracy anymore? UKIP wants our democracy back. NOW!

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