Wednesday, 4 February 2009

New Website launch

Well, it seems that johnukip has run its course. It started life as a candidate selection site for the membership of ukip and has developed into a regular news feed, informing you about the ukip view on events in Brussels and in Britain.

The website will be developed at record speed and should be online in the coming week. The new site will be a North East UKIP website incorporating branches, candidates, a forum, videos, regular news feeds, blogs from our candidates, a free monthly e-newsletter which anyone can contribute to and a donations page. The aim of the new site is to incorporate the input of visitors to the site, and help them to feel part of the eurosceptic movement, giving them impetus to help further the cause.

Also, the same time, we are in the process of developing a new Newcastle Upon Tyne Branch of UKIP which should culminate in April and we plan to be a big part of the North East Campaign.

So watch out for the new site and If you send me a message on the contacts page of the current website, I will send you the URL and keep you informed of developments.

Making it happen....NOW! Vote UKIP on June 4th 2009

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