Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Where are the Strikes Striking??

Here is a useful list of the places the strikes are happening.

Strikes Current

BP Grangemouth oil refinery in Scotland
INEOS Grangemouth oil refinery in Scotland
British Energy - Torness
Scottish Power - Longannet power station
Scottish Power - Cockenzie power station
Shell St Fergus - Aberdeenshire.
ExxonMobil's - Mossmoran
Shell - Mossmoran

South Hook Liquified Natural Gas - Milford Haven
Aberthaw power - Barry Island

North East
Wilton near Redcar

North West
Fiddlers Ferry power station near Warrington
Heysham Power Station Lancashire
Stanlow oil refinery Cheshire

East Midlands
Staythorpe in Nottinghamshire

West Midlands

Yorkshire and Humberside
Lindsey oil refinery in North Lincolnshire
Drax Selby

Eastern Region
Coryton oil refinery Essex

South West
Langage, Plymouth

South East
Fawley Refinery hampshire
Marchwood Power Station. Hampshire

The UK Independence Party has issued a statement on this issue, it follows;

"We're about to spend tens of billions of taxpayers money on a stimulus. The Olympics, council houses, maybe the Greens will get their housing insulation, more windmills and so on. But the point of a stimulus is to provide jobs for British workers to do instead of their festering on the dole. But under EU laws we cannot stop foreigners from taking these jobs. Even if we are paying our own tax money to create jobs, we still have to let EU workers apply for and get these jobs. So it will be "British taxes paid to foreign workers."

Who was it who said "No taxation without representation"? Well, it seems no-one listened to the man..... its now "no representation without taxation".

Lets sort this mess out .....NOW!

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