Tuesday, 20 January 2009

ALDE Leader, Graham Watson

UK Liberal Democrats

waxing lyrical on everything from Euroscepticism to EU decision-making.“As Eurosceptic winds gather strength, we need a president who will reach across the aisle and build a coalition for European democracy,” writes Watson, who has just launched a public campaign for parliament’s presidency and says he would “relish” a job at the organisation’s helm.

Well of course he would "relish" a job at the helm! The man is an EU fanatic, and would love nothing more than a stab at the top job of the EU Gravy Train, and taking Taxpayer's money for a totally unaccountable and undemocratic position. I'm sure the Liberal Democrats are proud to have him among their ranks!

The EU President is a total Non-Job, impossibly undemocratic, totally unaccountable and serves no real purpose other than to make sure Council and Commission Proposals are passed, often by going through the voting session in record time. I'm sure they have a book going on what will be the quickest voting session each time they have a Plenary in Brussels or Strasbourg!

Had enough of the EU? Want accountable politicians? Want fairness?


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