Thursday, 15 January 2009

"The Seducer of the Valleys" Dies At 62

A sad day indeed, Sir Dai Llewellyn, a Welsh Baronet and avid supporter of the UK Independence Party has passed away after a six month battle with cancer.

UKIP Leader, Nigel Farage, recants a tale from the days of the 2007 Welsh Assembly elections when, Sir Dai was awoken, looking dishevelled from the previous night's binging on alcohol, by Nigel at his home just moments away from an important Press Conference to launch his Candidacy. Within moments Dai was ready, and jumped into Nigel's car en-route to the Conference, during the journey he managed to consume the entire bottle of Chateau Garonne as they crossed the Severn Bridge. Nigel was, of course apprehensive about Sir Dai's ability to see out the Press Conference - but it was a success and it was Sir Dai's larger than life character that saved him that day.

Often called the "seducer of the Valleys" and a bon viveur, Dai was a popular man within UKIP, and we are honoured to have had such a man within our ranks. Particularly in today's politically correct era, Sir Dai was the most fervent anti-PC activist, and he so in everything he did.

I never had the fortune to meet Sir Dai, and I am sad about that, but tonight, I shall crack open a bottle of red to one of UKIP's best people - I'm sure Sir Dai would have liked to open a bottle too!

Rest In Peace.

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