Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Newcastle Journal

Euro candidate offers third way (Letter to Journal, Newcastle, 20 Jan, from John Tennant, UKIP candidate in NE): "The Conservative MEP for the North East Region, Martin Callanan attempts to lambast the Government for its part in the economic shambles (Voice of the North, January 16). While I am no Labour supporter, I cannot help but notice that much of the economic crisis is partly to due to private sector trading and the banking industry, which no government can control. I fail to see how much better a Conservative Government could handle this crisis."

First Blood!

Martin Callanan the Conservative MEP for the North East Region had suggested a Conservative Government would be the solution to the Economic crisis we are suffering. Would somebody remind him about Black Wednesday and the European Exchange Rate Mechanism? Don't be fooled by him.

UKIP on June 4th 2009

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