Thursday, 22 January 2009

What EU Membership Means?

The European Parliament has a big influence on the lives of EU citizens, whether they realise it or not. EU laws apply in all member states, and most laws passed by national parliaments are drafted in response to European directives (framework laws that have to be transposed into national law within a certain timescale).

This is taken from the BBC Website - is there any more reason to tell Brussels where to go?

The peoples of Britain have never had a national referendum on our membership of the EU - and the more EU Directives that are passed, the less our politicians are representing us. Briefly this means that our elected MPs are not doing the job we elected them to do, and they gave themselves a pay rise last summer! To add insult to injury, they refuse to release details of their expenses - time for some real change I believe.

UKIP offers that real change, we will give the Peoples of Britain a referendum on our EU Membership - and we would back a NO Campaign!

We believe in transparency and making our Politicians accountable.

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