Thursday, 15 January 2009

"Number Six" Patrick McGoohan has died aged 80

It was bad enough losing one UKIP's most revered characters, but today, the World has lost a truly great man, Patrick McGoohan.

McGoohan was made famous by his association to the popular TV Programme, "The Prisoner" and the slightly less well-known "Danger Man". The Prisoner ran for just one series and seventeen Episodes, but it is this series that has captured audiences around the World, myself included. The psychological thriller has kept audiences guessing for over 40 years, with no real understanding of exactly what it is all about. We know that he is Number six, the boss is Number one, but we only ever see Number two, they want information, information, information. and Number Six won't give it! What the information they demand is, audiences have been debating since the show began in 1967-68. I have my theories, but that is another story.

McGoohan was also a well respected Director and Producer as well as an actor, often being involved in the production of the TV Series, Columbo. Peter Falk was a good friend of McGoohan, and I'm sure he will miss his friend. It is well noting that McGoohan was in the frame to play James Bond well ahead of Connery for Dr No - he turned it down because McGoohan was a religious man and refused to do kissing scenes or have Bond being played as a womaniser. Clearly a strong character.

I am saddened by this, because McGoohan will not be around for any reprisal of "The Prisoner", either in TV format or the Movie that is always demanded of its fans.

I'm sure "The Prisoner" Convention at Portmeirion will be a celebration of his work, and I hope it will be a happy occasion, not a sad one.

One day, I will return to Portmeirion in Wales, and relive the Series - I might just do a Prisonerathon this Weekend!

Patrick McGoohan 1928 - 2009

"Be Seeing You"

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